Kobe Mizho Honpo Inc.


Challenge against the foods ignore the genle. The new idea which reviewed from the root ob the foods. All for the surprise and the impression.

Products are birth by 'safe and relief'. mainspring is the 'voice of the customer'. We continue developing our goods how we think 'Does consumer satisfy?' and we get opinion from customer.
NEW RELEASE!!NEW RELEASE!! Penne will go on sale soon!
frozen fresh soba
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frozen fresh pasta
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NEW RELEASE!! Frozen matcha Soba

Excellent Flavor!!
Japan Quality
Business goods information
Mizho aim to develop a sales network all over the world with noodles and a wheat flour processing product as for any type of dish, without being satisfacted the present conditions.
At first, please talk willingly!
Mizho brand products Catalog of the Mizho brand
It is the collected studies...
We make use of the know-how which cultivated by Kobe ramen, developing products with not particular about a genre advance to the immediate pace.

English contact : oversea@kobe-mizho.co.jp

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