Kobe Mizho Honpo Inc.

Indication for specified commercial transactions law

Info. required by applicable law

Dealer Kobe Mizho Honpo co.,Ltd.

representative Tomoaki Akiyama

Address Alcazar Nishi-kobe 2F 1-14-8 Ikegami Nishi-ku Kobe Hyogo 651-2111 Japan

Contact E-mail: info@kobe-mizho.co.jp
Tel: +81-78-978-1137
Fax: +81-78-978-1139

Net amount Postage Price: Indicating the price with tax each goods。
Postage: Different by the destination.
C.O.D. / Budget account charge:Different by an amount of money.

Order Telephone or Internet

Payment You can choose budget account or C.O.D.
[ C.O.D. ]
Please pay the price when you get goods.
You can use e-collect so, you choose cash or credit card.
Please make sure whether or not can use your card.
Sagawa Express e-collect Acceptable credit cards

[ Budget account ]
Please pay the price into our assignment account after confirm,
we will send your request goods soon.

Delivery Only inland but, it is may not arrive goods isolated island and part of area.
Usually, deliver within 14 days after ordered and send you e-mail when we deliver.
Please call us if you don’t arrive e-mail.

Return Can return only defective products because of uncooked food.
When you arrive defective products or other your order,
please send us C.O.D. within 14 days.