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Kobe ramen including
Kobe ramen 3p package
Kobe ramen 1p package

Kobe ramen, development with "hot seller" in a concept, has extraordinary popularity for the tastes of prosperity shop at your own home.

Syouyu Taste : 3 pieces
Syouyu Taste : single pack
Sio Taste : single pack
Miso Taste : single pack
Tokusen syouyu Taste : single pack
Hiyasi bukkake : single pack



Japan's ramen series image

This goods features are aged noodle and add soup to lots of fresh chicken or pork bones for soup and vegetable, fish. That soup is stewed long time and condensed.

Syouyu Taste : 4 pieces
Hokkoku-kaidou : 2 pieces
Toukaidou : 2 pieces
Saigoku-kaidou : 2 pieces
Owari-Mikawa : 2 pieces
Japan's ramen series image

Japan's yakisoba package

The second of Japan's series. This product features are selected flour and enough souse what sweet and taste around.


Sauce taste : 4 pieces
Higashi nihon-hen : 2 pieces
Nishi nihon-hen : 2 pieces
Japan's yakisoba image

These products are sold at the department store, vicinity of the JR line, the souvenir shop. 

If you want our products, please ask us the sale area and the sale store.