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Frozen boiled matcha soba Frozen boiled matcha soba

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Frozen boiled matcha soba
# Ready in just 15 seconds!
# Shelf life one year (in freezer)
Gluten free!
# Smooth, silky soba texture.
# Authentic flavor.
# Less liquid absorbtion.
   compared to dry soba.
matcha powderHighly selected
   "matcha"(green tea)
matcha soba

Excellent flavor!!
Gluten free!

This revolutionary product is made using our unique manufacturing method from originally blended buckwheat flour made by a buckwheat flour manufacturer based on our detailed manufacturing instructions, including how the buckwheat should be milled.
  Excellent soba flavor  
This product has excellent soba fragrance and easy to swallow.
  15 seconds for cook  
Just put the noodles into boiling water without thawing and wait for them to loosen.