Kobe Mizho Honpo Inc.

Company Ideal
Challenging the "foods" aim at surpass a genle.
We try challenging "food" over the domain and go ahead with business that reach for...
"customer satisfaction"
"improve and reform without breaking off"
"relief, safety, trust"
We are proud of to engage in food because it is source of the life for human being and everything starts from it.
company exterior
These days, the food industry is the difficult situation, the price rises the crude oil / the raw materials and it is reflect product price hike.
In such situation, we return to the origin based on all the employees company idea some other time and push on for future development.
While declining birthrate advances, the foods of good quality / the good food of the atmosphere has been demanded, it is indispensable to make a brand and development of the high value-added products.
At the same time with the development of a simple product and the brand of the product for business use aim at becoming it to meet the low price-oriented needs of consumers.It is always trusted by all of you and will repeat an effort to become the respected company.
President Tomoaki Akiyama

Company Information
Company NameKobe Mizho Honpo Inc.
Address2F 1-14-8 Ikegami Nisi-ku Kobe Hyogo 651-2111 Japan
Phone+81-78-978-1137 / +81-78-978-1139
Address of sales Dept.1-120-1 Moritomo Nishi-ku Kobe Hyogo 651-2132 Japan
Sales Dept. Phone+81-78-927-0510 / +81-78-927-0511
Business ContentsCommercial and business food
Marketing, project, sale, wholesale
The on-line store and so on.
Capital10 million yen
DirectorPresident Tomoaki Akiyama
Dealing BankTokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank / Akashi Branch
Mizuho Bank / Akashi Branch
Nisshin Shinkin Bank / Ikawadani Branch
Japan Net Bank / Head office
principal customersASAHI SHOKUHIN Co.,Ltd. / Isamu kanko Inc. / ITOCHU-SHOKUHIN Co., Ltd. / Inoue Nyuugyou Limited company / NPO Impact Co., Ltd. / Ueshima coffee foods Co., Ltd / H&R Corporation. / KAKUTOMI KOREA / Katosangyo Co., Ltd / Kansai Classic Golf Club. /Kansai International Airport Co.,Ltd / KYOEI Co., Ltd. / Himeji Kiosk Company / KINTETSU KANKOU / Goodness Corporation / kurokawanyugyou Co.,ltd. / KC Central Trading Co.,Ltd. / k-teionfoods co.,Ltd. / Kobe Univ. CO-OP / KOKUBU&CO.,LTD. / Sangi Railway Co.,Ltd. / JR SERVICE NET OKAYAMA Co., Ltd. / Japan Railway Service Net Hiroshima Company / WEST JAPAN RAILWAY SERVICE NET Co.,Ltd. / Japalia Foods LLC / JFC Japan Inc / Jupiter Coffee Co.,Ltd. / Showa Bussan Co.,Ltd. / San Hap Kei Food / SHINEI KAISYA. / ZENSHO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. / ANA TRADING CO., LTD. / Daisho Japan Co., LTD / DYNAC co,.Ltd. / The Daimaru,Inc / Takase Bussan Co.,Ltd / TFI Foods / Tokyo Mutual Trading Co.,Ltd. / TOKYOWINE / TRAVELER co.,Ltd. / nishihara shokai co.,ltd. / NIPPON ACCESS.Inc / HUMAP Japan Co., Ltd. / West Nippon Expressway Company Limited / Hankyu Hanshin Hotels co.,Ltd / Humanweb Co.,Ltd. / HyougoKyousaiKaikan / FUJITA KANKO INC. / fuzitoku company / FoodMan / HOLONIC CORPORATION / HONJIN co.,Ltd. / Mabuchi Shoji co.Ltd. / MITSUIFOODS co.,Ltd. / Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. / URA co.,Ltd. / Italian Innovation Cucina Ltd.(The order of the kana syllabary) / Resorttrust, Inc. / Canada: TFI foods ltd / Macau: San Hap Kei Foods / Korea: KAKUTOMIKOREA And over 600 other pasta restaurants, italy restaurants,ramen restaurants, chinese restaurants, restaurant chain stores, region restaurants, distributers in United States, Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Singapore, The Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China, Malaysia and so on.
As of July, 2016
Dec. 2006Kobe Mizho Honpo Inc. was founded with a capital of 3 million yen.
Tomoaki Akiyama was appointed as president.
Mar. 2007Increased capital to 10 million yen.
Apr. 2007Released Shoku no Kobe Brand(Gourmet City Kobe) series products.
Jan. 2008Relocated the headquarters to 2-1-1 Kitabefu, Nishi-ku, Kobe.
Added the Business Dept. to respond to sales expansion of products for professional use.
Newly established the Corporate Communications Office to respond to increased and diverse services including marketing activities.
Apr. 2008Released Japan's Ramen series.
Aug. 2008Released Japan's Yakisoba series.
Nov. 2008Released Special Kobe Ramen of Kobe Ramen series.
Developed long life raw type "LL Korean Cold Noodle".
Feb. 2009Developed long life raw type "LL Cold pasta".
Mar. 2009Newly established IT Solution section.
Apr. 2009Opened on-line shop.
Jul. 2009Launched chilled product "Senmonten ga mitometa (highly evaluated by dedicated noodle" series.
Mar. 2010Established Sales Dept. at 1-120-1 Moritomo, Nishi-ku, Kobe to respond to business expansion.
Developed frozen raw soba noodles consisting of 100 percent buckwheat flour.
May. 2010Relocated our headquarters building to 1-14-8 Ikegami, Nishi-ku, Kobe.
Jun. 2010Commenced sales of chilled raw pasta made using our special manufacturing method.
Mar. 2011Introduced new raw pasta-making machines to respond to increased production.
Jul. 2011Introduced mass-production type pasta-making machines to respond to full-fledged production increase.
Aug. 2011Newly established Food Services Dept. to supervise restaurant produce, marketing, operation and administration to respond to business expansion.
Jan. 2012Released frozen raw soba noodles consisting of 100 percent buckwheat flour made using our special manufacturing method.
Feb. 2012Released frozen boiled raw pasta made using our special manufacturing method.
Newly established Overseas Business Dept. to respond to expansion of overseas businesses.
Jun. 2012Start exporting for United States of America.
Nov. 2012Established develop team for abroad retail products.
Nov. 2012Established project team for opening sales dept. - located in Republic of Singapore.
May. 2013Start exporting for Malaysia.
Sep. 2013Start exporting for Kingdom of Thailand.
Nov. 2013Start exporting for Commonwealth of Australia.
Mar. 2014Start exporting for Republic of Korea.
Apr. 2014Start exporting for Canada.
May. 2014Contract Japalia Foods, LLC as sales & marketing partner at North America.