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Japan's ramen image  This products features are aged noodle and add soup to lots of fresh chicken or pork bones for soup and vegetable, fish. That soup is stewed long time and condensed.
Japan's ramen line-up
in 4th
Tokaido in 2nd
Saigokukaido in 2nd
Kitagunikaido in 2nd
Owarimikawa in 2nd

Japan's yakisoba image  This goods features are selected flour
and enough souse what sweet and taste around.
Japan's yakisoba line-up
in 4th
East Japan in 2nd
West Japan in 2nd

Kobe ramen / Kobe chukagai ramen Kobe ramen
 Kobe ramen, development with "hot seller" in a concept, has extraordinary popularity for the tastes of prosperity shop at your own home.
Kobe ramen in 3rd
Kobe ramen
 #Special shouyu
Kobe reimen
 #Hiyasi bukkake